Mortgage Refinance Loan

Your mortgage may have been the best deal for your circumstances at the time but is it still performing as well as it could?

Remortgaging gives you the chance to lower your monthly payments, pay less interest or change your mortgage terms. Remortgaging basically means taking out a completely new loan, with a new term and interest rate to replace your current mortgage.

Remortgage process

Step 1

Look at your current mortgage

Before you decide to remortgage you should look at the details of your current mortgage as this information helps to evaluate its competitiveness within the market.

Step 2

Compare the savings

If you decide to change your mortgage you should compare the potential savings against any costs of switching. We can assist you with this.

Step 3

Arrange your new mortgage

We guide you through the entire process and assist you with all the necessary administration from start to finish.


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