Property Development Finance

Whatever kind of development you're planning, whether residential or commercial, part-built, renovation, conversion or new build, it pays to speak to the experts. We can arrange finance for all types of development from a small single flat renovation through to a large commercial project. And, once your development is complete, we can help you re-finance it.

If you are considering a development project in Poland, don't hesitate to contact us.

Commercial Real Estate Financing

MZ Mortgages arranges funding for a broad range of real estate transactions regardless of the purpose:

  • Commercial Mortgage Loan – designed for clients, who wish to purchase commercial, industrial or retail premises for occupation by the owner or their business
  • Commercial Investment Property Loan – designed for investors who wish to purchase commercial, industrial or retail premises for investment purposes to be let out under formal tenancy agreements
  • Property Development Loan – designed for customers, who wish to develop commercial property either through renovation, extension or new construction

Mortgage Loan for Business Development

This form of lending is designed for clients, who are having some temporary liquidity problems or planning some investment to develop their company.

Bridging Loan

A bridge business loan is a temporary financing facility that provides short-term capital until the business’ financial obligation is removed, or a more permanent financing event occurs. A bridge loan funds much faster than more traditional financing and is typically used for working capital purposes, debt repayment, purchasing of commercial real estate or development of commercial real estate.

Sale-Leaseback Financing

Sale-leaseback financing is a form of financing in which a company sells its real estate for cash and simultaneously signs a long-term lease with the buyer. Sale-leaseback transactions provide the lessee company with a source of capital that is an alternative to other financing sources such as corporate borrowing, mortgaging real property or selling shares of common stock.


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